Repurposed Dresser into Television Stands Out

Apr 6th

Repurposed dresser – Measure the height, width and depth of your TV. The interior walls of your chest need to be bigger than your TV. Second, remove drawers from the dresser. Do not cut out the bottom rails of the dresser or remove the bottom floor of the chest. If your chest is much larger than your TV and space allows, let the bottom drawer of the dresser. This drawer will provide a place to store movies and remote control devices.

Repurposed Dresser To Chevron
Repurposed Dresser To Chevron

Install a floor inside the repurposed dresser into television stands out if there is no bottom dresser. Measure the inside bottom dimensions dresser. Trace dimensions of scrap plywood, and cut out using a jig saw. Insert the floor at the bottom of the dresser, and stitch it to the existing rails by finishing nails. If you removed the stable platforms between the drawers, you can use one of them to the dresser floor.

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Make your dresser face down. Measure 2 inches from the sides, 2 inches from the top and 2 inches from the bottom of your dresser. Use a yardstick as a straight edge to mark this measurement around the back of the dresser wall. Add dresser on its front. Drill a 1/2-inch hole in the dresser back just inside the traced line. Cut the back of the dresser along the track line. Removing the back provides sufficient airflow to your TV and a place to run your cables and wires. Sand your repurposed dresser into television stands out. Paint or stain the inside and outside, as desired.

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